Pamela Burrows

Pamela Burrows – January 1st 1972 – King County, Washington

Posted 03/15/2019

*My notes/remarks

The last time family members spoke to Pamela Burrows was either in 1972 or 1973. Pamela had called her sister, who was living in Minnesota at the time, that she and her boyfriend were coming to visit her. But they Pamela never came to visit. -Pamela is pictured below-


Not long after, Pamela’s boyfriend called her sister in Minnesota to tell her that Pamela had been killed in Seattle, however this was never confirmed.

Pamela was approximately 22-24 years old at the time of her disappearance. She may go by Pamela Hatley or Penny Hatley. Pamela had been living in King County since the early 1970’s. Pamela was married in 1966, but shortly for only one year.

Little information is available regarding Pamela.

*What I think: 

Boyfriend calls and says she was killed in Seattle, that was all he said? The family didn’t ask for details or funeral arrangements nothing? That blows my mind.

Why doesn’t the boyfriend or sister have names? That truly bothers me.

Unfortunately I fear something happened to Pamela. I know the 70’s it had been done before, man kills woman, man calls woman’s distant family and tells them she was killed, or it was an accident, or she is missing. If the family is far enough away or the relationship is really detached they didn’t seem to care. But of course with the little information, the sister could easily be involved and made the entire thing up, her sister could have visited and something happened. (I am not accusing anyone of anything).

I’m assuming Seattle police never could confirm that Pamela was dead.  Did they ever search for the boyfriend? Friends? Where she was actually living? Where she was working? Literally anything would help, because right now its pretty much just grasping at straws for answers.

Whatever the scenario I hope Pamela and her family can get the peace and justice she deserves. I love the photo of her so much, its like walking into a time machine almost, she’s glowing!

if I missed something or you know something I don’t please let me know!

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