Christopher Dale Gregory

Christopher Dale Gregory – January 31st 2006 – Russell Springs –  Kentucky

Posted 03/15/2019

*My notes/remarks

21 year old Christopher Dale Gregory was last seen around 9:30 pm on January 31st 2006 at a friends, Christopher was enroute to meet someone at the Key Village in Russell Springs. -Christopher is pictured below-


Christopher’s 1997 Pontic Gran Am was located the same day abandoned in a bowling alley parking lot, not far from where Christopher was last seen.

March, two months after Christopher’s disappearance, his license along with other documents were found along side the road in Jamestown. A search was conducted, but turned up nothing.

Multiple rumors about Christopher have been made, from he was abducted at gun point and or that drugs are involved, however none of this can be confirmed.

Christopher’s mother Rhonda is still searching for him. She stated once that the friends he was with claim to know nothing about what happened to him.

*What I think: 

So many theories or possibilities honesty. Christopher’s friends need to start talking, because I’m sure they know something.

Was his car found after he went missing at 9:30? Or was it earlier in that day? Curious how late was the bowling alley open? Did he like to bowl? Could he have been meeting someone there instead and something go wrong?

His friends should know who he was going to meet up with and why? Everyone asks their friend why they are dipping. Only makes sense.

The documents found with Christopher’s license, what were they exactly? Like insurance stuff, or random things that could have been in his wallet? Was he possibly robbed and that’s where the robber threw the things out?

My heart breaks for Christopher and his family. Hopefully they can get the answers and justice they deserve.

If I missed something or you know something I don’t please let me know!

Sources and related articles:


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