Jose Manuel Flores

Jose Manuel Flores – June 25th 2017 – Ruidoso Downs – New Mexico

Updated 02/07/2019

*My notes/remarks

On June 25th 2017, 26 year old Jose Manuel Flores was last seen off Hale Lake Road in Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico at the Lincoln National Forest.  Him and a friend (who wanted to remain nameless) went searching for shed antlers. The two parted ways to cover more area and Jose has not been seen since. -Jose is pictured below-


On June 26th 2017 Jose’s Friend at 6:00am finally called their dad to come and pick them up, they were unable to locate Jose. They mention that Jose wasn’t really the “out doorsy” type.

Jose’s phone and car was found nearby. Jose’s 2002 White Nissan Pathfinder’s passenger side window was broken and the keys to the truck were missing.

A two day search was held with horses, dogs and helicopters but Jose is still missing.

*What I think:

So I think what I gather is Jose drove the two to the National Forest, the two decided to split up to search for antlers but then I get confused , maybe because if I was the friend I would have done different actions?  Did they have a meet up place/time? What was the time they got there? Why did the friend wait over night to finally get help? I feel like after an hour or so of looking for my friend in a NATIONAL FOREST I would be calling someone. Where did the friend sleep? Were they planning to stay the night?

I think, personally, the friend could have broken the passenger window, possibly to think the keys could be in it or a spare key somewhere? So they could get back? They didn’t say anything was stolen.

Also curious if Jose’s phone was found OUTSIDE by the truck, or in his truck? If found in the truck I would assume that he left it, if found outside I think someone may have done something to him.

As of right now, I think maybe an accident occurred while he was searching for antlers. Now the true-crime person in me who has read way to many missing person’s cases thinks MAYBE now this is crazy but maybe the friend is involved. But again, probably just read way to many stories. But hear me out, what if this “friend” secretly not a friend at all, what if this “friend” offered for the two to split ways so that they could do something to Jose? So that brings me questions about his personal life, because I couldn’t really find anything about it. Was he close to his family? Any problems? Enemies?

I really don’t think the friend is involved however, I can 100% understand not wanting my name outspoken if they are not involved. Because they are technically the last person to speak or talk to Jose.

Whatever the scenario I hope that Jose gets the peace and justice he deserves!

If I missed something or you know something I don’t please let me know!

Sources and Related Articles: (Jose’s actually Facebook account! Private, but still)



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