Cathy Marie Moulton

Cathy Marie Moulton – September 24th 1971 – Portland –  Maine

Updated 02/06/2019

*What I think:

16 year old Cathy Marie Moulton was last seen on September 24th 1971 in Portland, Maine. Cathy had planned to attend a YMCA dance that night. She never showed up to the dance or back to her home that night. -Cathy is pictured below-

September 24th 1971 Cathy asked her dad Lyman (who passed in 2017) to drop her off at Cumberland Avenue to buy some pantyhose and toothpaste before the dance. On Cathy’s way back home she stopped at a music store on Forest Avenue to visit a friend, before she left she told the friend she would see them at the dance that night. The music store was about a mile and a half to Cathy’s house. Cathy was carrying a Mexican clutch purse with her house keys, 2 tubes of toothpaste and a very small amount of cash, not even enough for bus fare. Cathy never made it home from her shopping experience.

There is a small possibility Cathy left on her own accord with friend Lester Everett (sometimes Everette), Lester was traveling in a stolen blue 1963 Cadillac and there was a sighting report of the two and another man working in some potato fields in remote Aroostook County, 300 miles away from Portland, Maine. The sighting claimed Cathy was seen complaining and wanting to go home, however the sighting was never confirmed and when Lester was found he didn’t know where Cathy was.

1983 a hunter came across some bones surrounded by what appeared to be women’s clothing near Smyrna, Maine. However, the hunter was unable to retrace his foots steps when he lead the police to the remains.

Cathy was a junior at Deering High School, the same high school her father went to, and the oldest of three girls. Her mother Claire said that Cathy had given no indication of being unhappy or running away and they had recently returned from a very lengthy trip where they traveled the US and Mexico. Until 2012 Claire and Lyman lived in the same house and had the same phone number, in hopes of Cathy’s return.  -Claire and Lyman are pictured below holding a photo of Cathy-


*What I think:

Wow, I really hope she left on her own accord, but my gut is really telling me otherwise with how much time has passed, there didn’t seem to be any bad blood between family so no reason to her to feel the need to flee. I’m fearing she was abducted on that short walk home.

Curious more about the friend? Male, female? Were they working there or just happened to be there?

What was Cathy’s original connection to Lester? Were the two an item? or crushing on each other? Or is Lester some rando from town? Why did they think she might have left with him?

When locating Lester, did he say that Cathy went with him and then the two split there ways or that he had no idea about anything regarding Cathy?

Reading websluths comments some believe that Reid Perley was the second guy with them at the potato fields. He is apparently a serial killer from the 70’s. Not sure how they all got that information, I couldn’t confirm any of it. But many believe Reid killed Cathy.

Whatever the scenario I hope that Cathy and her family get the peace and justice they so hole heartedly deserve!

If I missed something or you know something I don’t please let me know!

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