David Alexander Gimbelfarb

David Alexander Gimelfarb – March 10th  2009 – Liberia –  Costa Rica

Updated January 31st 2019

*My notes/remarks

28 year old David Alexander Gimelfarb was last seen on August 10th 2009 while vacationing by himself in Liberia Costa Rica. David has not been seen or heard from since. – David is pictured below-

August 9th 2009 David took a flight from O’Hare airport in Chicago to Costa Rico.

August 10th he emailed and spoke over the phone to his parents. He had plans to visit a National Park about 3 miles from his hotel, Chachipelin in Liberia, a providence of Guanacaste in Costa Rica. David told his parents they would here from him at least once a day. However, that was the last day he contacted them.

August 11th 2009 David’s parents contact the hotel to enquire about if they had seen him.

August 12th 2009 David’s white Hyundai Tucson rental car was found parked and locked at Rincon De La Vieja National Park. The park pass was stamped for August 10th 2009. The park is roughly 35,000 SF and mostly volcanic jungle.

August 13th 2009 David’s parents travel to Costa Rica to help search.

An extensive search done by locals, the Red Cross and two United States Army Black Hawk Helicopters turned up nothing.

David was fluent in Spanish and had previously traveled to Israel by himself. He is known as an experienced hiker. The was a third year PH.D Psychology student. 

Over the course of the years David’s parents received several ransom calls. One most significant was almost 4 years after David’s dissapeance where a guard claimed David had been kidnapped, he had been dealing drugs with their cartel since 2007 and swindled millions of dollars from them, they held David for ransom of $250,000.00. When David’s family asked for picture proof that they had David the guard sent them two extremely blurry photos which the FBI determined as inconclusive. The guard told David’s family he couldn’t get a better picture of David with risk of getting caught, that he only managed to get those two because a woman smuggled a camera to him in. The Ransom was deemed fake.

*What I think: 

My heart breaks for missing person across the world, I often hear of missing foreigners families often being called because they are being held for ransom, even though they aren’t.

My heart breaks even more for David, he seemed like he loved the outdoors. I assume with the area being mostly volcanic jungle he might have injured himself, got lost, or some freak accident happened.

I really love that David’s parents didn’t even wait 24 before calling the hotel to see if their son was there. A lot of times families will just assume their loved one got busy or caught up. But David’s parents literally call the next day. I think if this would have happened in the states he would have been found because they called so early.

Whatever the scenario I hope that David and his family can receive the peace and justice they deserve.

If I missed something or you know something I don’t please let me know!

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