Claudia Lawrence

Claudia Lawrence – March 18th 2009 – York – England


*My notes/remarks

35 year old Claudia Lawrence was last seen on March 18th 2009 in Melrosegate, Heworth, York, England (*Someone explain England cities to me I don’t get it lol) on March 18th 2009. She has not been seen or heard from since. -Claudia is pictured below-

Claudia was a chef at The University of York. She spoke to both her mother Joan Lawrence and her father Pete Lawrence that night. She then sent a text to a friend. Finally a friend texts her, its unknown if she read the message or not. She was last physically seen walking home. Claudia was supposed to meet some friends for drinks at a pub near by, she never showed however.  – Claudia’s route is pictured below-


There have been roughly 6 arrests related to Claudia’s disappearance, however nobody has been charged.

Tips told authorities the night of Claudia’s disappearance there was a white van in the area and its occupants were talking to women, the van or its occupants were never located. Surveillance footage from the neighborhood shows two people in the area acting suspicious the day/night of Claudia’s disappearance, the two repeatedly pass by Claudia’s house in the footage, the two were never located however.  Early 2018 DNA was tested from a cigarette that was found in Claudia’s car, which was found parked in a garage that was being repaired, however it drew a blank.

Claudia had a connection to the island Cyprus, and police have investigated the island.

All of Claudia’s belongings were found at her home, other than her cell phone. Which was traced and found deliberately shut off the day after Claudia went missing.

Pete campaigned for a law named after Claudia. “Claudia’s Law’ which allows the families of a missing person deal with their affairs. Joan has suffered from stress induced alopecia due to her daughters vanishing  -Claudia and Joan are pictured below as well as Claudia and Pete-

*What I think:

I fear the worst in Claudia’s case I’m afraid. Someone had to have snatched her walking down the street. That’s really the only thing I can think of. She doesn’t even look 35, she looks much younger.

I’m so happy that her father went above and beyond to get that law created in honor of Claudia.

Whatever the scenario I hope Claudia and her family get the peace and justice they deserve.

Sources and related articles: (THIS HAS A GREAT TIMELINE AT THE BOTTOM)



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