Robert Allen Dale Jr

Robert Allen Dale Jr. – May 18th 1996 – Sault Sainte Marie – Michigan

Updated 01/25/2019

*My notes/remarks

(*I’m so sorry I haven’t uploaded a bunch these last two weeks, I’ve been super busy with life and I’ve been in a lot of pain, but I’m doing okay!)

Robert “Bob” Allen Dale Jr was last seen around midnight on May 18th 1996 in Sault Sainte Maire, Michigan. -Bob is pictured below-

Bob and his wife Kristi earlier had attended a friends wedding which led them to a bar called the Downtowner. Bob and Kristi were seen arguing and Bob left to wait in the car. He was last seen walking west down Maloney’s Alley. Kristi said the argument was not serious. They had all been drinking all day and before they left for the bar the two argued who would drive, when the two were seen arguing at the bar it was overheard they were arguing about being at the bar.

Bob and Kristi had been together 15 years and have 3 sons together. All which Kristi raised on her own after Bob’s dissapeance. Bob was a carpenter at Chi-Chuk Construction. They didn’t have very much money, Kristi thinks bob couldn’t have had more than 5 dollars in his pocket and they didn’t have any credit cards. There was never any tips on a hitch-hiker that night or record of Bob taking a taxi service.

*What I think:

I feel like everyone probably wanted to blame the wife, Kristi. However, I think she’s innocent. Curious how intoxicated Bob and Kristi was? The first argument was about who was going to drive and everyone finally convinced Bob to let Kristi. Is it possible he was pretty intoxicated, stumbled off into the area and some accident happened, he fell in the river? The lake? A well? It sounds silly, but drunk people always find small little places to go. Curious if there was a search done?

I know its possible that he could have left, but with three sons and they make it sound like him and Kristi are extremely close, its hard to imagine him just walking away and leaving everything behind. Especially after a friend had just gotten married that day.

Curious what the weather was like? Cold? Rainy? Maybe him being intoxicated, and a driver intoxicated hit him and freaked, but they are more likely to flee the scene then hid things to make it seem like it never happened.

I really do fear something bad sadly in this case.

Whatever the scenario I hope Bob and his family can get the peace and justice they deserve!

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