Charles Russell Beltz

Charles Russell Beltz – June 7th 2005 – Spring Creek Township – Pennsylvania

Updated 01/17/2019

*My notes/remarks

56 year old Charles “Chuck” Russell Beltz was last seen on June 7th 2005 in Spring Creek Township, Pennsylvania. Chuck has not been seen or heard from since. -Chuck is pictured below-


Chuck’s 1992 Plymouth was found abandoned at a campsite at Clear Creek State Park. A 200 – miles radius search was done, but called off because they no longer believed Chuck to be in the area.

Little information is available regarding Chucks disappearance.

*What I think: 

I’m curious why they no longer think he is in the area? Also curious why nobody even knew he was out there? Was he camping? Hunting? Hiking? What and why was he there? He couldn’t have left without his truck and it was still there.

Sadly I think something must have happened at the park and maybe they didn’t search hard enough. Its actually strange how many random things happen at State Parks, unrelated but a couple months back a woman and her family were hiking in a well known part of a park and a decaying tree branch fell on top of her while they were walking and killed her instantly, so I’m wondering if maybe some freak accidently like that could have happened to Chuck, and just nobody was around to help or see.

Whatever the scenario I hope Chuck gets the peace and justice he deserves.

Sources and related articles:

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