Sebastian Tyrese “Ty” Husted

Sebastian Tyrese “Ty” Husted -January 22nd 2018 – Centerville, Iowa

Updated 12/05/2018

Updated 04/01/2019

*my notes/remarks

18 year old Sebastian Tyrese Husted, also known as Ty, was last seen on January 22nd, 2018 in Centerville, Iowa. Ty was getting a ride to and from work from a co-worker, however that day for some reason he didn’t get a ride from the co-worker.  -Ty is pictured below-



Ty was working as a power wash contractor, he was cleaning a hog confinement farm. January 22nd Ty got a ride from a co-worker to the barn. Evidence shows Ty made it to the farm but never made it home. His cell phone was last pinged in Lineville, Iowa which was about 40 miles from where he should have been. Ty’s co-worker made it back home to Centerville without Ty.

Ty’s sister Iesha Husted reported him missing. Iesha and her twin brother both received a disturbing text from Ty on the day he disappeared it read, “Please, man, just come get me. Please”. The text was sent after Ty’s arrival in Lineville. Iesha states that Ty didn’t know anyone in Lineville and he had not used his phone for anything other than the texts. He didn’t try to call or anything.

Police questioned Ty’s co-worker, however the family has been unable to speak to him as he does not want to be reached out to, nothing came up after speaking with the co-worker. The police think people know something, they are just unwilling to talk to the police. They have searched high and low multiple times and on multiple occasions drained the hog pit. Ty’s cellphone has gone dark and there has been no activity on his bank accounts. So far they’ve turned over 40-50 leads.

Ty has missed his birthday as well as the birth of his first son.

April 1st 2019 Update: 

Ty has been missing for over a year now. (*I think police know who did it, but I think they need a body to confirm tbh)

On January 21st Iesha took Ty to get groceries for lunch for work that week. She dropped Ty off at his apartment, it was his first one, he didn’t have a washer and dryer or laundry matt at the Complex so Iesha offered to wash Ty’s clothes and return them to him. Iesha returned that night and knocked on Ty’s door, but he didn’t answer. She assumed he was asleep since he was working long hours and early morning. Iesha left the clothes by his door.


Upon arriving at work Ty then called his brother Malcom asking him to come and pick him up. Josh was making uncomfortable comments and getting aggressive towards Ty. When Malcom called back with directions, Ty never picked up.

Nobody from Centerville seems to know Josh, he just arrived in town. The Power Washing Company they were working for decided on the ride share possibility. Josh did not answer when asked why he did not bring Ty home.

Iesha confirmed it was Ty’s clothes in the back of Josh’s truck.

The Sheriffs County has stated that Ty was NOT in Lineville area on the 22nd, despite Josh saying he drove the pair to work.

Ty does appear to have a small record on 12/2/2017 he was charged with failure to appear, but released on his own recognition

*What I think:

I fear the worst for Ty sadly. I think the answers lie with the co-worker. I assume police think that too since nobody has even released the co-workers name. If the coworker isn’t involved they why didn’t he give Ty a ride home that day? Because he didn’t want to or because Ty didn’t want to?

Its even more suspicious the coworker wont talk to his family. Like you two were obviously homies you drove him to work but you cant even give an “I’m sorry he’ll turn up” to his family? I don’t understand it.

I also think Ty might have been involved in some shady things, just the way his sister Iesha talked about how he was getting his life together nad he knew he had to change. Wonder if this new change brought some bad blood with it?

April 1st update: 150% think Josh the coworker is involved, he gets shadier every time I read about this.

Whatever the scenario I hope that Ty and his family and new young son get the peace and justice they deserve.

If I missed something or you know something I don’t please let me know!

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8 thoughts on “Sebastian Tyrese “Ty” Husted”

    1. Molly, Thank you so much! I had only read it in one article and every other article just referred to him as “vo-worker” I was really starting to get agitated lol. if you find his last name please let me know!!


      1. Dang y’all are so much better at finding stuff out than me haha! Thank you so so much! I’m just in my phone right now but I’ll update with his last name later today! Thank you again!


  1. Unfortunately it seems like local law enforcement has done little to find out what happened to him. LE says they questioned numerous people following his disappearance, however Ty is one of my son’s closet friends and was never questioned. Ty’s hometown where he was born and raised (Centerville iowa) never he did a story about his disappearance until 6 months later and only after several demanding messages from me. I am so grateful for molli’ s movement for helping tell his story. Im sometimes haunted at night thinking bout the terror/fear he prob went thru. I can’t imagine what it has to b like for his poor mother and sister. Still not knowing. I’m guessing it’s like being in hell on earth, day after day after day.


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