Larry Wayne Perry – Murderer Executed – Body Missing

Larry Wayne Perry – May 22nd 1979 – Dumfries – Virginia

Updated 11/16/2018

03/05/2019 -No updates found

*my notes/remarks

9 year old Larry Wayne Perry has been missing since May 22nd 1979 from Dumfries, Virginia. Larry is moderately mentally disabled.

Larry’s parents were divorced and he was living in a trailer with his grandmother. Larry ate dinner and at 8:00 pm left to play outside. Larry was last seen chasing a four wheeler down a dirt road near his grandmothers house. Larry’s grandmother described the child as extremely friendly and trusting.

Michael Carl George was immediately investigated, it was his vehicle Larry was seen chasing. The first time speaking with police Michael claimed to have never spoken to Larry. The second time he claims that he was going to practice target shooting and Larry followed him. Michael claims he set his gun non the hood of his truck and Larry shot himself in the chest with it. Michael panicked and dragged Larry’s body into a nearby ravine and covered him in brush, however when police went to the scene Larry’s body was not found. Michael was charged and severed only 2 1/2 years before being release from prison. Nobody has believed Michael’s second claim.

In 1990 Michael was again convicted  of abduction, torture and murder of a 15 year old boy. During this time Michael claimed to have murdered a 3rd victim as well, however this was never confirmed. Michael was executed  by lethal injection in 1997.  -Michael is pictured below-


Larry’s body is still missing.

Several people that knew Michael growing up claim Michael was a quite and shy kid who was constantly bullied and picked on. He grew up in a very Christian household.

*What I think: 

Well obviously Michael did it. But I definitely don’t believe his story that Larry shot himself. How is a 9 year old going to be able to reach the gun on the hood of the truck?!

Now I know it is plausible Larry shot himself, he’s 9 and mentally disabled. However, Michael lied the first time, why? He probably lied about where the body was, why? He lied the first time because he knew he killed Larry. Based on the description of the torture Michael conducted on the poor 15 year old I bet he unfortunately did the same to Larry. Larry’s body is never found, there is never any proof he sexually assaulted or tortured him.

Also, this is not at all an excuse for Michael Im sure people are just born evil. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP BULLYING CHILDREN IN SCHOOL! The bullying, could very easily turned Michael evil and cold. Past descriptions of him, just there aren’t any red flags like he would grow up to be a murdered, he didn’t kill animals. He was just a loner. I really think Michaels childhood of being bullied led to a lot of this sadly. I feel bad for childhood Michael, he deserved better and stronger for grownup Michael. However, he still did the horrendous things, so I hope he rots.

I hope Larry’s body can be found and his family brought peace.

If I missed something or you know something I don’t please let me know!

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