Donna Marie Larrabee

Donna Marie Larrabee – November 17th 1976 –  Rapid City -South Dakota

Updated 11/02/2018

02/01/2019 – Articles updated

02/06/2019 – *What I think section updated

*My notes/remarks

16 year old Native American Donna Marie Larrabee was last seen November 17th 1976 in Rapid City, South Dakota. Donna was living with her mother and other relatives at the time.

Donna took a bus to California to see her father. She never arrived and she was never heard from again.

Police initially took her report as a runaway, and it was not taken seriously.

*What I think:

Oh my heart is broken for Donna because I think only the worse could happen.

Looking on Facebook I saw that a cousin/nephew (I really don’t know) is still trying to search for her. Her father and brother are both still alive!

I wonder if the bus made a stop, and she got off for the restroom or something and maybe it left her, or even worse maybe she was abducted while the bus was stopped.

Curious if anyone knows what bus she took? Maybe if we could figure out the buses route? Maybe that would give a clue as the area she could be along.

Whatever the scenario I hope Donna is at peace and she can receive the justice she deserve.

If I missed something or you know something I don’t please let me know!

Sources and related articles: – this is the post from her relative, hoping to achieve a age progression photo


2 thoughts on “Donna Marie Larrabee”

    1. Oh wow thank you so much for letting me know! That makes me so happy to hear, that means there’s more of a team fighting and searching for Donna! I had just read in some comments about them passing so I wasn’t sure that’s why I only mentioned it in the “*What I think” section of the post. I’ll edit right now though!


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