Kenneka Jenkins – Body Found – Nobody Accountable Yet!

Kenneka Jenkins – Chicago – Illinois – September 10th 2017

Updated 09/28/2018

11/16/2018 – added more articles

*My notes/remarks

Kenneka Jenkins (19) was attending a party at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel and Conference Center in Rosemont, Illinois, on September 9th. The next morning around 4:30 am Kenneka’s friends called her family to inform them she was missing. -Pictured below is Kenneka – 

Kenneka had drunk and disorientated stumbled into the hotels walk-in freezer, which was littered with dirt and trash, was some how unable to get out or passed out and died. Coroner report ruled her death as an accident from hypothermia. Toxicology report showed that Kenneka had a BAC level of 0.112 (legal driving limit is 0.08) and some medication, Topiramate in her system which contributed to and hastened the onset of hypothermia and death. Topiramate is typically prescribed for headaches or seizures. Kenneka’s family states she did not have a prescription for the medication, however the level of Topiramate found in her system was only a therapeutic level. Topiramate and the use of alcohol have been shown to enhance each other, because both can cause pretty much delirium. (*I’ve actually taken Topiramate for migraines, if your are a sensitive person, or you do not need it, it really can get away from you, causing more head pain and loss of vision) No evidence of trauma/abuse or an altercation although when found she had a fresh gash wound on her foot and her tennis shoe was off and a couple feet away, a hair tie and a pink tube of lip gloss was found near Kenneka as well. She was wearing the same jeans and jean jacket, but her shirt was lifted up over her breasts. (Common in hypothermia cases they mention the victim experiencing paradoxical undressing).

Police interviewed 12 people who were all in some way invoiced. They also reviewed the 47 hotel cameras and a Facebook live video from the night of the party that showed Kenneka at the 9th floor party with some friends. The Hotel video surveillance shows Kenneka throughout the hotel for about an hour and walking to the kitchen/freezer area, she is observed stumbling, weaving and waling into things.

Tereasa Martin, Kenneka’s mother states she asked the hotel staff to search the hotel when she first learned of her daughters disappearance. But because she was not a missing persons the hotel refused. It wasn’t until around 3:00 or 4:00 pm that the police viewed the tapes and concluded she was in the kitchen. Tereasa believes if they would have search sooner her daughter may still be alive. (*Ouu I would have searched any way, that’s such BS!)

*What I think:

This story broke my heart when I first read about it happening last year. Kenneka was just so young and the entire Facebook live video thing just always has given me chills.

Unfortunately, I do think that her death was an accident. The mix of alcohol and drugs and then the surveillance videos. However!! I think something went down at that party. The FB videos are just way weird in my opinion. Way to many people say way to many weird things for it just to be coincidental. I hope whoever was involved pays for what they contributed to.

ALSO! Fuck that hotel and fuck those police officers. My heart hurts so badly for her mother. She very well could have been alive or at least somewhat revivable if they would have just been HUMANS AND SEARCH THEIR DUMB ASS HOTEL FOR A YOUNG GIRL! Could you imagine if it was one of their children?! Bet they would have looked then! I feel like people have built a conspiracy behind her death because of the mysterious videos but really I think the real reason this young beautiful girl is dead is because the hotel staff and the police didn’t take her mother seriously.

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